Paul Mitchell has long been recognized as an industry leader in providing environmentally friendly and cruelty free professional hair care products.  Andrea, owner of Incognito Revealed has been using their products for almost 30 years.  A strong believer in both the quality of Paul Mitchell products and their mission statement and values, Andrea made the decision to exclusively use Paul Mitchell products in her salon.

Thirty years after its inception, Paul Mitchell continues to be an innovator in the field of affordable, professional hair care.  From products and tools to techniques and styles, Paul Mitchell allows us to stay on the cutting edge of fashion while maintaining the integrity of our clients’ hair and supporting ecological improvement – things about which we are very passionate!   We must not be the only ones; Paul Mitchell receives enormous media and industry attention via editorial mentions and awards.

Authentic Paul Mitchell products are only available through professional hair stylists.  Products purchased in drug stores and through corporate suppliers are not authorized or guaranteed by Paul Mitchell.  Their dedication to supporting the professional beauty industry is just one more reason why we are pleased to support them.